Durham Coastline Facts and Figures

The Coast

Length of Coast - 17.12km

Length of coast affected by spoil - 12.27km

Length of Footpath

The coastal footpath route is 20.0km

Turning The Tide will install or improve 17.5km of footpath

Area of land regenerated


Area of land set aside for wildlife habitat


Length of Cycle Track

Seaham to Hawthorn 7.5km

Hawthorn to Haswell 2.5km

Haswell to Hart 13km

Total 23km

Additional routes - 23.5km

Number of Pits tipping on the coast

Number of tipping sites - 4

Noses Point

Easington Colliery

Horden Colliery

Blackhall Colliery

Tonnes of spoil removed from the coast

Two spoil heaps removed, total of 1.3 million tonnes

Tonnes tipped on the coast

At it’s height 2.5 million tonnes of waste were tipped each year. Over 40 million tonnes of waste was tipped


The start of mining on the coast - 1840’s

The last pit closure on the coast - 1993 (Easington)

Number of people working in the industry

Approximately 26,000 people worked in the mining industry in the District of Easington.