Turning The Tide on the Durham Coast

Turning The Tide is not a single project, but a co-ordinated programme made up of a number of interlinked elements, spread along the 18 kilometre length of the Durham Coast.

There are four categories of project within the programme, each designed to tackle a particular problem;

Category A;

Improving the beaches; Based on the removal of derelict structures, debris and rubbish from the beaches, to enable their rejuvenation as attractive destinations for visitors. The work will also involve the monitoring of the natural changes taking place on the beaches.

Category B;

Removal of colliery spoil; Involving the removal of the remaining spoil heaps at Easington and Horden, before the material they contain is washed out by the tides and becomes a pollution hazard on the nearby beaches.

Category C;

Nature conservation and landscape enhancement; The provision of a brand new golf area with tree and shrub planting along the coast, and the creation of new limestone grassland on the cliff-tops and headlands. Together, these projects will aim to restore the area to the conditions which would have been seen before the coal mines were developed, and the cliff-tops became used for intensive agriculture.

Category D;

Coastal recreation and access; Following the improvements to the coastline, these projects will provide new pathways, cycletracks to encourage greater enjoyment of the coast by local people and visitors. An extensive marketing campaign will be launched in order to inform people of the attractiveness of the Durham Coast, along with a project to provide visitors with information on the history and heritage of the coast.